Jason and Lakisha Williams

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Love Gave Way to Passion

Jason and LaKisha Williams share an entrepreneurial mind that came together while in attendance at Kent State University in the late 1990’s where they were both studying psychology. After graduating they were married in 2002 and have been happily marching through life together. They are now the proud parents of two beautiful children, Kennedy and Kingston.

Jason and Lakisha are a pair that have taught themselves the intricacies of industries as they were building their own business. Able to start and exit multiple companies in multiple industries have proven their expertise in adaptability and ability to learn. From nonprofit to healthcare, bakery and hair salon the Williams have been able to start and grow entities into well known firms. Now this power couple is focused on coaching others how to successfully enter an industry, and grow a company into a success. To truly understand how Jason and LaKisha can help an entrepreneur, one must understand their story…

Passion Gave Way to Education

After graduating Kent State, the business savvy duo saw that their alma mater was missing some key services regarding schooling and the surrounding area. They launched a non-profit organization named Learn to Lead and Achieve, focused on helping show inner city children what a day in the life of a college student was. Partnering with Kent State, they were able to organize campus tours and introduce many children to what university life was like. By providing a personal experience for young students, it allowed them to see themselves going to college and furthering their education. This has become common practice at many universities today, but Jason and LaKisha Williams started this non-profit well before it was best practice across the country. Also a part of their organization was an after school program for students looking to get into college. They offered test prep courses among other programs.


Education Gave Way to Professions

Around the same time, the Williams started a hair salon near campus, seeing that there were not many available to fit the need of the community. Neither Jason nor LaKisha had any experience cutting or styling hair, but they bought and leased the space out. After holding onto the property for four years, they exited their venture through a sale of the building and business.

Soon the couple moved to Akron, Ohio where they both put their entrepreneurial drive into neutral as they took up jobs in pharmaceutical sales (LaKisha) and residential and Commercial real estate (Jason). Honing their sales skills, Jason and LaKisha stayed in their respective industries for 6 years before feeling the itch to start anew.


Professions Gave Way to More Professions

Their youthful experience taught them how to learn along the way, while building a business. Being able to jump into a new industry with two feet is no easy task, but it was one that Jason and LaKisha Williams learned to do at a young age. They took this experience, along with an insight into market potential, and set their focus on the healthcare industry.

Once again, the power couple was diving into a new arena within the home-health care sector of the market. They founded a firm that would help disabled people perform tasks in their homes. After teaching themselves the industry’s best practices and navigating the barriers to entry, Jason and LaKisha were able to build a successful business that was growing in popularity. Their personalities allowed them to keep immaculate relations with their customer base, a characteristic that helped them to grow.


More Professions Gave Way to Successfully Scaling Business

A new challenge faced LaKisha and Jason. Scaling. They were in such demand that their company grew to over 100 employees that they trained and had working around the clock. Finding efficiency and economic equilibrium was their challenge as they settled into a place in the market that felt comfortable for them. The couple would then scale the company back down to around 40 employees where it currently remains, sitting in a niche that is manageable and profitable.

While they were growing their health care business, LaKisha began to bake her grandmother’s recipe for red velvet cake out of her and Jason’s kitchen, selling them to buyers. They received so much positive feedback from their community that the little baking production outgrew their house, opening a shop now known as Baker Blvd.

Baker Blvd. has done so well they have made specialty cakes and cupcakes for different causes including the Lebron James Family Foundation. LaKisha made a vanilla cupcake with cherry cola frosting, with half the proceeds going to the Foundation and the Akron Public Schools.