Taking the time to plan a fitness routine is important for every family and individual. Depending on where you live, you can even use the resources around you. We’re not talking just about using the outdoor space that you have, even though taking advantage of nature during a workout is great; we’re talking about tapping into your community!


The truth is, staying active in a big or a small city is as easy as connecting with your community. Of course, there are always going to be more opportunities for group activities or gyms or programs the larger the city. However, small cities that don’t have these resources are likely looking for new programs to get involved with. This can be a chance to click with other community members to create more opportunities.


If you find yourself in a small community without the amount of resources that a larger city would have, simply create your own! Start a charitable 5k, or just a community wide 5k to start, and go from there. See if there’s interest around you – you’ll likely be surprised at the amount of support you receive!


Adversely, if you live in a big city, get out there and explore! Places like NYC, San Francisco, and Atlanta have gyms all over the city and plenty of community wide health-related activities to partake in. Don’t overwhelm your body, but don’t be afraid to take advantage of the wealth of resources around you.


To show some proof that you can stay fit and active no matter the size of your city, look no further than this recent article from Time Magazine, showing the most active cities in America. Leading the pack is Boulder, Colorado. A small city with a big affinity for healthy culture. Also included on the list are Urban Honolulu, Hawaii, Anchorage, Alaska, and Santa Rosa, California; all cities that, while not tiny, are much smaller than what you’d expect to see on this list!


What can you take away from this? Get involved in your community and get creative! Exercise is something that can bring anyone and everyone together – in cities big, or small.