Busy entrepreneurs balance a lot on their plates. From family life to professional obligations, at times, the workload can feel overwhelming. Are you hitting all of your goals? Are you happy? Don’t let the burden of your life overtake your opportunities for growth. Adopt a growth mindset and begin the practice at home, at work, and during all of your personal endeavors! 

What is Growth Mindset?

According to term-creator Carol Dweck: “In a growth mindset, people believe that their most basic abilities can be developed through dedication and hard work—brains and talent are just the starting point. This view creates a love of learning and a resilience that is essential for great accomplishment.”

This philosophy or mode of living as the potential to lead you down the road of success. Here’s how you can use this mindset in every aspect of your life!

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Practice with your Family

There may be no better trait to model for your children than this one! Instead of letting a negative situation turn your mood sour, take a moment to find the silver-lining in an unexpected event or development.

For example, if you’ve planning a fun weekend at the beach but you’re called back into work that Saturday, thus canceling the trip, you may be tempted to spend the weekend complaining.

Instead of succumbing to this attitude, why not turn the situation around and plan local events that you can still squeeze in after you work. Who knows what fun you may find on your stay-cation? Chances are, you’ll make better memories than spending the weekend sulking indoors!


Practice in the Office

At work, you’ll be asked to utilize growth mindset on a daily basis. Did a client return work asking for revisions? Maybe you received constructive criticism during your 6-month review?

In both scenarios, you have two choices. You can disregard the comments and chalk it off to the other person’s inability to understand you and your work. Or, you can take the moment to reflect, absorb, and change.

Keep this in mind: if you never make mistakes at work, you’ll never get better at your job. You’ll lose out on golden opportunities to expand your skillset.

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Practice on your own

Think about the last time you’ve assessed your life and overarching goals. What targets have you hit? Which ones remain slightly (or completely) out of range?

Many people let their dreams slip out of reach because they feel overwhelmed by the process of change. They may feel that it’s too late to go back to school or change industries. They may find their skill set is missing key tools.

Instead of letting this moment define your ‘almost’ success, take control of your future and re-activate that goal. Break down the process into steps so that the entire goal feels much for manageable.

Additionally, make it a habit to continue learning new skills. Learn a new language. Take piano lessons. Make reading a daily habit. Take a course at your local community college. All of these ideas stimulate growth and learning in your brain. Train your brain to love the discovery of new skills, new tools, new information. When you feed your brain the right fuel, amazing things happen.

Your ability to change and grow remains one of the few constants in this world. Cling to the power that the growth mindset grants you. What will you learn today? 

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